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New Recreational Fishing Rules NSW Nov 2014

New recreational fishing rules will come into place for NSW from Nov 2014.

There are a total of 11 changes to come into effect from Nov 3rd. The changes will affect anglers differently depending on current attitude. Some of the changes are great in my opinion.

  • The increase in crab trap allowance from 1 to 2 is the best adjustment. If you want to catch a feed of mud crabs, it can be pretty difficult with a 1 trap allowance.
  • Bag limit reductions will be the change that causes most consternation amongst fishos. Personally I don't much care about the changes, but fear that any reduction will lead to further reductions, and bag limits quite often penalise the already honest, decent fisho. Where it affects me will be the Luderick bag limit, but again I can't remember the last time I kept more than 6 fish for the table.
  • As a bass fisherman (not hugely successful I might add) the change to the closed season is notable. The extension at the beginning of the season will cause the already conservative anglers to avoid them for the extra month. It doesn't stop people from targeting them, just squeezes the season for the already observant.
  • The changes are worth a read, and definitely required knowledge if you are out and about. Follow the link above to get to the page.


All the best, Matt

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Hawkesbury/Nepean Bass Catch 2014
Middle Head Luderick 19/9/2014


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